Westray's Living Heritage is an exciting new project which puts Westray Heritage Trust at the heart of island life. It will leave a lasting legacy for future generations of islanders and it will provide a snapshot of life in Westray during the early 21st century. We hope, in time, that it will grow to become a full-blown record of island residents and their day-to-day activities.


Westray Heritage Centre holds island memorabilia going back to the early 1800s, in both artefacts, written documents and from the inception of photography, photographs.

This web site gives the facility to Westray residents past and present, to upload their memorable island related photographs of  video clips and sound bites of the 21st century using the upload facility on this site.

We have many visitors to the island, and they too are welcome to send us their memories.

All uploaded contributions will be assessed for suitability before they are uploaded to the site. This will obviously take some time to do and we can not guarantee to use everything that is sent to us. Please take time to read the terms and conditions before you send us your information.

Thank you



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